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Certified Professional Empowerment Coach

Empowerment Coaching becomes a way of life

This online Empowerment Coach Certification is for …

To be certified means to be officially recognized as having certain qualifications and meeting certain standards. (Merriam-Webster). As with consulting, there is no licensing or certification required to practice professional coaching in the United States today. However, certification by a reputable coach training organization is a highly valued and recognized credential.

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What you can expect …

Fees & Registration …

$3,997 which includes materials.

The CPEC format …

Upon completion of the Excellence in Coaching Training, you will be eligible to apply for acceptance into the Certification program.  This requires an Application Form and an interview.

It takes 12 weeks to complete the online Workshops and Coaching Practicum.  You may require additional time to complete the 40 hour formal coaching requirement and final exam.  There are 5 components …

  1. 6 Workshops held online in our Virtual Classroom every other week for 12 weeks.
  2. 6 Coaching Practicum sessions, held on the weeks between workshops.  Participants connect on a free telephone bridgeline with 2 or 3 other participants for an hour to practice their coaching craft under the expert guidance of a professional Mentor Coach.  
  3. 5 telephone conferences with a professional Mentor Coach to discuss progress, develop coaching application strategies, and to participate in a 10 to 15 minute coaching session.  
  4. 40 hours of real client coaching with at least 4 different clients.  Clients cannot be family members, and only one can be a personal friend. You will be supported by your Mentor Coach.  Workshop 2 will help you prepare to attract those clients.
  5. Final exam.  Upon completion of all the program requirements, you will complete and submit a written Final Exam for review by your Mentor Coach.  You will then have a final interview with your Mentor Coach who will then submit their final approval of your work to our certification committee.

Leadership coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for organizational change. Change is essential for organizations to grow and adapt to today's rapidly shifting marketplace, yet people and organizations are naturally resistant to change. Leadership coaching can facilitate productive change in persons, teams, and systems by enabling leaders, managers, and employees to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped.

– Georgetown University

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