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REAL Retention™

The Voluntary Turnover Challenge

Recent studies point to the seriousness of voluntary turnover…

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We have trained people from…

1. Understand the REAL Cost of Turnover™ – it’s higher than most think.

    Our Voluntary Turnover Calculator will give you an accurate and realistic estimate of what your annual
    turnover is costing you – and estimate your savings by reducing turnover by 5, 10, and 15 percent.  The
    results will delight you.  We offer this as a free service.

2. Assess the REAL Cause of Turnover™ – it’s different than most realize.

    To reduce turnover, you need to understand what’s causing it.  Using our Voluntary Turnover RISK     Indicator Assessment, we can survey your employees, managers/supervisors, and senior management     staff to determine what, if anything, needs to be fixed.  Survey results focus on two categories:

3. Implement the REAL Course to Retention™ – it produces competitive edge benefits that last.

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Your Pathway to REAL Retention™

3 Steps